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Exploring the Beauty of the Virginia Living Museum in Newport News

The Virginia Living Museum in Newport News, Virginia, is a world-class natural history museum, aquarium, and botanical garden that offers visitors an unforgettable experience. From its stunning exhibits and scenic trails to its interactive displays and programs, the museum provides a wealth of experiences that tap into our natural world – while providing a knowledge base that equips people to be better stewards of the environment. Located just outside Virginia Beach, the Virginia Living Museum combines various aspects of the natural world. Visitors can explore the expansive nature trails, cross the picturesque bridge over the lake and take in the museum’s beautiful nature exhibits. The museum’s shows feature a variety of wildlife creatures, including species that can’t be seen anywhere else. The wildlife inhabitants range from fragile and endangered species to some of the area’s more giant animals like black bears and wolves. Learn more here.  

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In addition to its wildlife exhibits, the Virginia Living Museum also offers its guests a chance to explore the aquatic environment surrounding it. The museum’s Aquarium features an array of displays that explore coastal marine life and provide insights into the role that pollutants, such as sediment and chemical runoff, play in the marine environment. The Aquarium also offers a hands-on approach to its exhibits, allowing visitors to touch and explore the creatures in the tide pools and interact with the sea life in the tanks. The Virginia Living Museum further reveals its commitment to conservation through its botanical garden. Visitors can wander the lush lawns and gardens filled with native plants, trees, and shrubs. There’s also a year-round outdoor garden that showcases some of the museum’s rare wildflowers. Throughout the park, visitors will find an array of educational and entertaining stations that showcase the importance of protecting, preserving, and celebrating the natural world. Learn more about An Unforgettable Dining Experience Awaits at Jose Tequila's Mexican Grill and Bar.

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