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MWR Go-Kart and Mini-Golf in Newport News, VA: Family-Friendly Fun and Thrills

MWR Go-Kart and Mini-Golf in Newport News, VA, is a family-friendly recreational destination that offers a perfect blend of fun and excitement. This attraction is operated by the Morale, Welfare, and Recreation (MWR) program and provides visitors with thrilling go-kart rides and enjoyable rounds of mini-golf. Information can be found here.

Go-Kart Thrills:

The go-kart track at MWR offers adrenaline-pumping races for both children and adults, allowing visitors to experience the excitement of high-speed karting on a safe and well-maintained track. See here for information about Huntington Park in Newport News, VA: A Picturesque Waterfront Retreat.

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Mini-Golf Adventure:

The mini-golf course presents a whimsical and engaging challenge for players of all ages, featuring creatively designed holes amidst lush surroundings.

Affordable Entertainment:

MWR Go-Kart and Mini-Golf provide affordable entertainment options for families, making it an excellent choice for a fun day without breaking the bank.

Family and Group Activities:

The attraction caters to families, groups, and parties, making it an ideal spot for birthdays, family outings, and team-building activities.


MWR Go-Kart and Mini-Golf in Newport News, VA, offers a delightful escape with its go-kart thrills and mini-golf adventure. With its family-friendly atmosphere, affordability, and opportunities for group activities, this attraction continues to be a popular destination for visitors seeking fun-filled entertainment and memorable experiences in Newport News.

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