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Peninsula Memorial Park: A Serene Final Resting Place in Newport News

Nestled in the heart of Newport News, Virginia, Peninsula Memorial Park provides a tranquil and serene environment for individuals and families seeking a final resting place for their loved ones. With its well-maintained grounds and thoughtful amenities, the cemetery offers solace and comfort during mourning and remembrance. Learn information about  Newport News, VA.

Grounds and Features:

Scenic Landscape: The park spans beautifully landscaped grounds with lush greenery, mature trees, and colorful flowers. These serene surroundings create a peaceful atmosphere for reflection and contemplation. Discover facts about Virginia Living Museum: Exploring Nature and Wildlife in Newport News.

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Memorial Options: Peninsula Memorial Park offers a variety of burial options, including traditional ground burials, mausoleum entombment, and cremation niches. Families can choose from various memorialization choices to honor their loved ones' memories.

Services and Support:

Compassionate Staff: Peninsula Memorial Park employs a caring and professional staff that assists needy families. They provide guidance and support in making funeral arrangements and offer compassionate care throughout the grieving process.


Pre-Planning Options: The cemetery offers pre-planning services, allowing individuals to make arrangements in advance. This relieves the burden from grieving family members and ensures final wishes are honored.

Community Involvement:

Peninsula Memorial Park actively participates in the local community, hosting events and memorial services to honor veterans and pay tribute to those who have served their country. They also support charitable organizations and initiatives dedicated to veterans' welfare.

Visiting Peninsula Memorial Park:

The park welcomes visitors throughout the year. Families and friends can pay their respects, tend to grave sites or find solace in the peaceful surroundings. Visitors are advised to check the cemetery's website for visiting hours and guidelines.

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