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Tabb in Virginia: A vibrant town 

Tabb in Virginia is a vibrant town in the Hampton Roads region of southeastern Virginia. Known for its charming historic downtown, Tabb has a long history of welcoming visitors and residents. From its captivating architecture to the abundance of outdoor activities, this area has much to explore. Learn more here.

Tabb is located precisely 11 miles south of Hampton, in York County. It is also just a few miles from the Colonial Williamsburg Historic Area, one of the most prominent historical sites on the east coast. Although the area has an extensive history, modern-day Tabb is a vibrant community focusing on public education, volunteerism, and providing excellent services to its residents. Learn more about Bethel Manor in Virginia: A historic plantation nestled among the rolling hills.

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Tabb was established in 1733 as part of the original Yorktown Settlement. During the American Revolution, Tabb was a site of considerable military activity and served as the location for the Yorktown siege. The siege determined the fate of the war and ultimately led to British troops surrendering in the town square.


As the years went on, Tabb continued to grow, and the town caught in the new trends of the time. During the 1920s, cockfighting became a popular pastime in the area, which prompted several state laws to ban the activity. Despite its prohibition, cockfighting continued in Tabb until the 1970s.

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