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The Mariners' Museum and Park in Newport News, VA

The Mariners' Museum and Park, located in beautiful Newport News, VA is a National Historic Landmark and a must-see attraction for tourists and locals alike. Founded in 1930, the Museum is one of the largest maritime museums in the world and is dedicated to the study, preservation, and interpretation of the United States' rich maritime heritage. Information can be found here.

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The Museum features a wide range of interactive and educational exhibits, including a full range of “hands-on” activities, such as rigging and line handling demonstrations as well as a permanent exhibition about the Battle of the Monitor and the Merrimack. Other exhibits include naval artifacts, ship models, and a Discovery Boat, which can seat up to 25 people for discovery cruises on the James River. In addition to the Museum, visitors can explore the beautiful outdoor grounds of the Mariners’ Park. The grounds are home to a number of impressive sculptures, including a colossal statue of Admiral George Dewey, which was constructed in 1913 to commemorate his victory in the Battle of Manila Bay during the Spanish-American War. Other statues depict famous naval heroes such as John Paul Jones, John Barry, and Horatio Nelson. The Mariners' Park also features a beautiful lake, a wildflower meadow, and over five miles of trails. These trails wind through an old-growth forest that was once home to the Nottoway Indians and is now laced with eagles, Osprey, and other wildlife. See here for information about Riverview Farm Park in Newport News, VA.

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