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Bethel Manor in Virginia: A historic plantation nestled among the rolling hills

Bethel Manor, Virginia, is a historic plantation nestled among the rolling hills of Gloucester County. Situated near the Chesapeake Bay and within reach of Williamsburg and Richmond, Virginia, Bethel Manor has been a part of the local community since its original Virginia colonial settlement in 1656. It has seen numerous historical events along the way and is the site of significant fighting in the Civil War. While today Bethel Manor is no longer a working plantation, it reminds us of the Virginia roots that have shaped our country’s history. Information can be found here.


Bethel Manor was initially settled in 1656 by the family of William and Elizabeth Jerdone. While there’s no solid record of when the Jerdones first arrived in Virginia, the family lived along the James River for at least five years. The Jerdones had done well enough to be able to purchase 2800 acres of land on the south bank of the York River. This land was to be the new home of the Jerdone family, who named their plantation “Bethel Manor” in honor of their faith. See here for information about Yorkville in Virginia: A popular tourist destination.

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The plantation grew and prospered quickly, becoming one of the largest rice producers in the colonies. William and Elizabeth’s children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren all worked together to expand the plantation’s land and plant crops.

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