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Yorkville in Virginia: A popular tourist destination

Yorkville is a small town located in Fauquier County, Virginia. It's a popular tourist destination for local and out-of-town visitors. With its rich history, quaint downtown area, and a wide variety of outdoor recreation, there is something for everyone in Yorkville. Learn information about Newport News, VA.


Yorkville was initially established in 1798 after surveying and mapping land acquired from native Indians living there. The town received its name from the York family, who were among the earliest settlers in the area. The family, originally from England, set up a large tobacco plantation in the area that quickly grew into a community. Today, the town is still home to many descendants of the York family. The city is known for its deep-rooted architecture, including the York Tavern, which was established as a community gathering spot for the community back during the 18th Century. Discover facts about Tabb in Virginia: A vibrant town.

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Yorkville has grown slowly but steadily over the past 200 years. The downtown area, lined with historic brick-front buildings, is the center of the community. Much of the downtown area is reminiscent of the early-style town that thrived before the Civil War. Some of the stores in the downtown area are still run by families that date back to the town's founding.

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